Gaya's Cakes & Confections

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I’m Gaya, a Surrey-based self-taught cake artist. My love for cakes started at an early age as I watched my mum bake and decorate cakes for friends and family. Growing up in a British Sri Lankan household, cakes were a prominent part of every celebration and I have fond childhood memories of the anticipation and excitement of receiving one of my mum's lovingly made birthday cakes every year.

Cakes have always intrigued me - the combination of luscious buttercreams and ganaches with light yet flavoursome sponges is so versatile as a sweet indulgence. Whether it is glammed up for a celebration or kept minimal to be enjoyed as an afternoon treat with a cuppa, I quickly realised that the delicate balance of sweetness, flavour and texture is key to a perfect slice of cake and set about developing my own recipes to meet these standards. Being completely self-taught and driven by the love of patisserie, it has taken years of reading, trials and practice in the kitchen to hone my craft and bring you the finished products.

I have a deep respect for art and design across all mediums, which I draw on for inspiration. The ability to convey beauty in patisserie is one of my key attractions to cake design. Having graduated from university with a degree in Maths, I pursued a career in Finance and qualified as an Actuary, a field which requires very little artistic flair and left me craving for a creative outlet! It was this very reason that I decided to channel my artistic expression into creating designer cakes. 

I was ecstatic when, in 2014, my efforts were recognised by the Guild of Fine Food which awarded two of my products with Great Taste Awards (dubbed as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world!). Our chocolate and sea salt caramel cupcake was awarded one gold star and our pumpkin spiced caramels were awarded two gold stars. 

I have now been running Gaya's Cakes & Confections since 2012 and am honoured to have had the opportunity to make hundreds of cakes and sweet treats for lots of wonderful people across London.

So, what makes us unique?

We take pride in striving for cake perfection by adhering to our mantra of: flavour, form and flair.

Victoria Sponge.JPG


Our primary mission is to create cakes that taste outstanding through meticulously developed recipes. Delicate and flavoursome sponges are layered with perfectly matched buttercreams, ganaches, curds and jams to create ultra special celebration cakes. All our cakes are made to order from scratch in small batches using the finest ingredients including premium butters, free range eggs and the freshest spices and nuts where required.

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We strive to create contemporary cakes that wow through bold yet elegant design. Our preferred decorative medium is buttercream, though fondant options are available for wedding cakes. Gaya’s attention to detail and eye for design allows her to create cakes with sharp buttercream edges and smooth finishes in carefully chosen colour palettes.


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Whether it is a novel cake topper, an intricately piped figure or carefully curated complementing florals, no cake is complete without a touch of panache and we will seek to personalise each bespoke cake fit for its respective celebration.