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Cake Anatomy

All our bespoke buttercream covered celebration cakes are available in either three or four layers of cake depending on the desired number of tiers and portions. For our four layer cakes, a separating card is placed in the middle so that there are two cake layers above and below, making it easier for you to portion up the cake. Just remember to remove the card before portioning up the bottom two layers! Multi-tiered cakes are constructed with support dowels for stability. 


We encourage you to contact us for an accurate quote that is specific to the design you have in mind however, we have provided some starting prices below.

There are three elements to pricing a cake:

  1. The cake - pricing includes a buttercream covered cake, with your choice of buttercream colour and finish (plain / watercolour effect) and varies according to the required cake size. Please see below for indicative cake prices.

  2. The decorations - these are priced individually according to the size and intricacy of the designs. Due to the varied levels of detail in these designs we recommend that you contact us for a quote specifying your desired decorative features or, let us know your budget for decorations and we can provide you with our best suggestions. Please take a look at our gallery pages for inspiration! The range of decorative options are endless but our most popular features include:

    • hand piped fondant designs

    • chocolate ganache drips

    • sprinkles

    • fresh flowers

    • cake toppers

    • gold / silver leaf

    • chocolate shards and cut-outs

    • patisserie items like macarons, meringues and choux buns

    • fresh fruit

  3. Cake delivery - please contact us with your postcode for an accurate quote. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect the cake from our kitchen at a pre-agreed time.

When providing you with a quote, we will always provide a price breakdown between these three elements.


There is a minimum spend of £95 for any custom cake order.

Two-tier cakes start at £195 to serve 40 portions.

Please get in touch for multi-tiered cakes and wedding cakes.

Petits Fours

Please refer to the Petits Fours Flavours page.

Discounts are available for larger dessert table orders.

Wedding and Event Favours

Please get in touch for prices of favours that you would like presented in personalised packaging.