Gaya has a deep respect for art and design across all mediums, which she draws on for inspiration and the ability to convey beauty in patisserie is one of her key attractions to cake design. Being completely self-taught and driven by the love of patisserie, it has taken years of reading, trials and practice in the kitchen to hone her craft and bring you the finished products we offer today. 

After many years of solely offering a bespoke, made to order service, GAYA’S moved into a commercial space which is open to the public as a weekend-only patisserie, allowing Gaya’s work to be more widely accessible. 

If you would like to hear more about Gaya's story and what we offer please check out the video below.

Film by Pablo Byrne

Our mission is to bring you the best tasting and most beautifully crafted cakes. Our philosophy is built on three pillars:

  • Flavour

    We create cakes that, first and foremost, taste outstanding through meticulously developed recipes. Delicate and flavoursome sponges are layered with perfectly matched buttercreams, ganaches, curds and jams to create ultra special celebration cakes. All our cakes are made from scratch in small batches using the finest ingredients available.

  • Form

    We aim to ensure that each one of our products are constructed and crafted in a precise way to create the perfect vehicle to deliver the intended flavours.  

  • Flair

    We strive to create contemporary cakes that wow through bold yet elegant design. No cake is complete without a touch of panache and we seek to ensure that all our products not only taste exquisite but look the part too.